Am I lying to subconscious with declarative affirmation?

Am I lying to subconscious with declarative affirmation?

Question: Shouldn’t a person say “I’m becoming/getting/…” at the beginning of an affirmation, rather than “I am/have…,” because the latter is actually lying to the subconscious?

Answer: An affirmation gives the subconscious instructions on where you want it to go. Like driving a car. When you have your attention down the road, you automatically steer the car in that direction. If you look over to the side and keep your attention there, you automatically begin to steer in the direction of your vision.

An affirmation doesn’t lie to the subconscious, it tells it the results that you expect from it. There’s a classic auto-suggestion that states, “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.” An affirmation can be stated in the present, “I am/have (your goal)” or “I am getting/becoming (your goal),” which tells the subconscious which direction to go.

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