Mar 292014

Les Taylor

On Wednesday, March 26, 2014, Dr. Cheryl Kasdorf hosted the NSA-Arizona’s Sedona/Verde Valley Speaker’s Forum. I helped organize this event, which was modeled on the monthly NSA-Arizona Living Room Forum. Ed Hammond, chairman of the Living Room Forum committee drove up from the Valley to show his support.

The Living Room Forums are more intimate gatherings than the monthly Saturday meetings. Held in a private residence or business, the Forum features industry experts who can talk about a topic at greater depth.

Les TaylorAt the Sedona/Verde Valley Speaker’s Forum, Les Taylor helped participants develop new skills with “Speaking to Promote Your Business for the Non-Speaking Pro.” He explained that sales and marketing is about effective communication. And he went into detail about the basic components of a presentation to be put together for an audience.

He said that,”Nothing happens in business until a sale is made,” and went on to describe the sales skills needed to make that sale. Les reminded us that, “It’s all about them, the prospect.”

The participants at the Forum learned valuable concepts that they can turn into techniques that will allow them to be better presenters to both audiences and prospects.

Les Taylor, Ed Hammond, Linda-Ann Stewart

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