New iPhone App for Depression

New iPhone App for Depression

Jessica Tanner, a nursing student, contacted me about an app she created for iPhone that will be released on April 15, 2014. It caught my attention, because I’ve had friends and clients with this debilitating disorder. Jessica has been an intern at a psychiatric hospital for patients with depression and bipolar disorder, and has learned a thing or two about this problem.

The iPhone App, called “REACH OUT – Fight Depression and Anxiety”, helps people with depression and anxiety disorders. It gives them some tools, such as cognitive therapy, meditation and anxiety reducing strategies, and allows them to always have these tools close by, whenever they need them.

These are tools and processes I heartily endorse and know they have a significant impact on this problem. I’ve used them in my hypnotherapy and coaching practice to help my clients. To have such tools in the palm of your hand, so to speak, is incredibly powerful.

The app also has audio: recorded guided meditation in mindfulness, breathing meditation, grounding meditation and chakra meditation, which has proven to be an excellent stress reduction technique. These are techniques I’ve used in my practice, as well, with great success.

Plus the helps them to focus and not let their many thoughts control them. For people that suffer from
anxiety attacks, there will be some strategies, a 6-step process, on how to reduce it no matter where they are.

The app will cost be be for sale at the Apple App Store for $.99 on April 15th. You can read more about it at Reach Out App. There’s also a 7 minute motivational video on the home page for those suffering from this issue. And on her About Me page, there’s a link to an MP3 recording for depression.

I do not reap any benefits from posting this, except to share a potentially valuable resource for those with depression and anxiety. Nor can I endorse it or guarantee it. However, if you experience these disorders, I think it would be well worth your time to investigate this inexpensive app for yourself.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

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