Trending Articles of the Week

Trending Articles of the Week

Grand Canyon Rim TrailWhy You Need a Daily Prioritization Meeting
We live in a culture of urgency, constantly throwing our emotional energy into the latest public scandal, emergency, or cat video. Most of us work in always-switched-on companies where everything feels urgent. Call backs, emails, and meetings are wrought with peak energy. How quickly do you expect a response to an email or changes to a report?

The World Is Not Falling Apart
Never mind the headlines. We’ve never lived in such peaceful times. When you look at the numbers and the trends, things aren’t as bad as they seem. As a matter, of fact, they’re far better than they’ve ever been. As a species, as a world, we are making progress.

Is it Time for a Personal Growth Mindset?
Our focus on competition, grades, and standardized test performance is actively robbing children of the opportunity for the sort of personal growth that really matters. Each one of us has our own unique set of potentialities, and our current standardized testing climate is squelching all children from becoming who they really could be.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

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