Nov 252015

Tiptoeing Out of One’s Comfort Zone (and of Course, Back In)
Flagstaff ArboretumMoving out of your comfort zone means that you challenge yourself, grow and take on new risks. The best place to be is in an area of “productive discomfort.” Learn how to cope with moving out of your comfort zone, whether it’s something you’ve chosen or been forced to do.

Six minutes each day can change your life
Best Selling Author and Life Coach, Hal Elrod, believes that six minutes in the morning has the power to change your day… and possibly your life. He describes six exercises you can do each morning that can empower, motivate and focus you.

The Key to Success, Longevity and Health – Mindset
In this 23 minute video, Dr. John Schinnerer shares the secret of the power of mindset. Numerous studies are pointing to the importance of the proper mindset in a variety of areas such as diet, exercise, aging, vision, success, intelligence, pain, stress and anxiety.

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