Jul 312015

Flagstaff Aspen RainbowMindfulness has lost its Buddhist roots, and it may not be doing you good
Mindfulness has gotten very popular in recent years. However, few realize that, for some people, can be harmful. Mindfulness is designe to change our perception of ourselves and the world. Some cannot handle this shift.

Students ‘cannot multi-task with mobiles and study’
Students cannot successfully multi-task in using mobile phones while they are studying, US research suggests. Researchers found that students sending and receiving messages while studying scored lower test results and were less effective at tasks such as note taking. This article examines how multi-tasking affects various aspects of students’ lives.

Sue Bruns: Multitasking: Doing many things at once, but completing nothing
Originally a computer term, the definition of “multitask” (verb) is “to execute two or more jobs concurrently.” It means that the computer is quickly switching from one task to another, alternating between them. This is an amusing article describing the process of multitasking while at the same time modeling what happens when you do.

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