How do I not worry about my goal?

How do I not worry about my goal?

Question: How can I learn not to worry about whether my goal will manifest?

Answer: We’re taught to worry and fret, because that shows we’re concerned. But if you’re able to trust your creative mind and the Universe to manifest what you want, it works. I remember when I was first learning this stuff, that my teacher suggested we start with something that doesn’t matter that much, so we don’t have so much invested in the outcome. He suggested we ask for a parking space close to the entrance of a store or business we’re visiting. Then let it go.

By practicing that way, you can learn how it feels to let go and trust. When I was younger, I did it by asking traffic lights to stay green. Your fear that the outcome won’t be what you want is, as you know, what is manifesting. Your creative mind “thinks” that’s what you want, ergo, you get what you “want,” because that’s what you’re focused on.

Every time you begin to worry about whether your goal will manifest, remind yourself that “My subconscious mind knows what to do and is working to bring this about in the Divine Right way.”

Copyright 2005, 2014 Linda Ann Stewart

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