NSA-Arizona Chapter Member of the Year

NSA-Arizona Chapter Member of the Year

I’m a Board Member of the Arizona Chapter of the National Speakers Association, and have been Membership Chairperson for the past year. At June’s meeting, the new Board was sworn in. Afterwards, I gave a short announcement of an upcoming event.

As I started to my seat, our outgoing President, Susan Ratliff, said “Linda-Ann, stay up here.” She told the audience how I drive over 100 miles to attend the meetings and board meetings each month. And she praised me for how much work the membership committee¬† had been doing to promote our membership. I was puzzled, but appreciative of the recognition.

Then she said, “Because of all that you’ve done, we want to present you with the Chapter Member of the Year Award.” I almost fell through the floor. My mouth dropped open and I was stunned, shocked, and speechless.

I’m honored and grateful to the NSA-Arizona Board of Directors for presenting me with this award! I wasn’t expecting it at all. I will treasure it always for representing their appreciation and confidence in me.

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