Commit To A Path, Part 2

Commit To A Path, Part 2

by Linda-Ann Stewart

Not clearly communicating your decisions and desires in a professional and personal situation causes many problems for you, including:

It wastes precious emotional energy when you don’t make a commitment one way or the other.
You worry about what will happen when they find out you’re backing out or breaking up. Maybe you duck their calls and avoid them when you see them. Giving them a definitive answer means that they have closure and you no longer have to be concerned. You can put your energy to more constructive use.

It gives your subconscious the instruction not to commit to a direction.
If you have a habit of not making a choice and communicating it, your subconscious will follow that pattern with the goals you do want. It will take much longer to achieve them because your subconscious has been programmed to vacillate. When you are decisive, one way or the other, you give your subconscious the message that you choose to accomplish your goals. Even if you change your mind later on, you still are decisive and can move in a direction.

If you never say no to what you don’t want, you can never say yes to what you do want. By equivocating and not definitively saying, “No,” to a situation, you can’t move forward to what you want. Not committing is essentially the same as being indecisive. As long as you have your feet on two paths, you can never travel down one of them. Pick a path and commit yourself to it. You engage the Law of Attraction when you make a clear choice as to what you want. Set the decision behind you and move forward to what you want.

If you don’t want to say, “No,” when you’re asked, you can say, “Let me think about it and get back to you.” Then follow through on your statement and give them your answer within a couple of days. This frees them to find someone else.

In personal relationships, give clear messages. When you feel that the relationship has run its course, let the other person know that it’s time to go your separate ways. This gives them closure and lets them begin the process of healing and moving on.

Clear communication with others means that you also have clear communication within yourself. By giving a definite answer to someone, you’re not wasting time and energy being evasive with others, and you’re supporting your dreams, desires and well-being. This allows you to be true to yourself and fulfill your potential.


I realize that giving clear communication and accurate information is necessary for me to have the best relationship with my inner self. When I pick a path and commit to it, I send a message to my inner self that I’m saying “Yes” to what I want. I follow through with my commitments and confront outstanding issues. In so doing, I free up more energy to be used to further my dreams and desires.

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