Jul 022012

You Can Have It All:
A Simple Guide to a Joyful and Abundant Life

by Arnold M. Patent

This book explains Universal principles in a very basic and understandable way. Although I’d deeply been immersed in metaphysics for years, it wasn’t until I read the chapter on “Details,” that I finally grasped how it’s not up to me to figure out how things need to happen. It’s the Universe’s job to determine that. This concept was explained in just the right way for me to finally get it. When I did, it seemed that all I’d learned about this idea fell into place.

This is just one of the fundamental principles of metaphysics that the author explains. There are some exercises to help define your purpose, discovering what you love, acceptance of feelings, and more. While it’s written to explain the principles very simply, at the same time it goes very deeply into mental laws. This is a book to take your time to read, absorbing each chapter before going onto the next.

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