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Question: I was wondering whether you need to have a plan to achieve a goal or whether you should let the subconscious mind work out the best way?

Answer: It is important to have a goal, and then steps to take on the way to the goal. But it’s also important to not “outline” how the goal is going to manifest. It’s a tightrope to walk. For instance, suppose you want a new job. You know the steps to take. You look at the job listings, you send out resumes, you go for interviews. The more action you take in the physical world helps the subconscious to know what it is that you want, and how committed you are to the goal.

If you focus on the new job coming from one of those that you investigated, that’s “outlining.” You’ve decided “how” it has to happen, instead of letting the subconscious mind figure out how. Or suppose you see a job that you really want, and set your heart on “that job.” Your new job may come when you feel led to go into a market and bump into a friend or former coworker who gives you a lead. You follow any inspiration you might have because that’s the inner mind directing you.

If you try to control the result or outcome, that’s when you run afoul of life. Having a plan lets the inner mind know what you want, but if you try to force the goal to manifest in the way you want to, you’ll not get very far. The inner mind knows so much more than you do about the situation. As you follow your plan, you stay aware of any nudges from the inner mind.

Your job is to remain focused on your goal, move in that direction, but let your inner mind power it. Just like driving a car. You keep your vision down the road, you steer the vehicle, but the motor is what moves the car. You don’t have to do a Fred Flintstone, and run or push the car.

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  1. Thank you for posting this informative article. As we all know when it comes to making money online, everyone have determined opinions about what works and what doesn’t; especially the value of ebooks whether for business or education. However, I have always maintained an open mind. Changes each week require that mindset. When I have the time, I hope to return to read more of your contributions. How often do you update your posts so I can return to your site. I do believe that we could share many of the same ideas.

    • Hi Ramon,
      I appreciate your commenting. We do need to be flexible and be able to keep our minds open to learning about what’s new about everything in our world. I post on my blog several times a month, and hope you will return and explore.

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