Will negative statements erase positive affirmations for a friend?

Will negative statements erase positive affirmations for a friend?

Question: If one person is affirming something positive for a friend, while someone else is speaking negatively to that friend, will that affect the first person’s affirmation?

Answer: If one person is affirming something for someone else, the receiver may or may not accept the blessing of the affirmation. For instance, a person can affirm health for a loved one, but the loved one has to accept the idea of health for the affirmation to be fulfilled. They have free choice as to whether to experience it or not. Why would someone not want to have a better life? There are many reasons for that.

And if someone else is affirming something negative, the receiver will accept whatever they identify with the most. Their dominant attitude will lean them in the direction of the most familiar. For example, suppose you give a compliment to someone. If they have a good self-image, they’ll just say “Thank you.” However, if they lack self-esteem, most likely they’ll negate whatever the compliment was.

What a person can do to help is to include a statement in their affirmation to give the person the free will to accept the substance of the affirmation and protect them from negativity. Something like “If any part of them is in agreement with this affirmation, then they accept it, and every level of their being is protected from outer negative influences.”

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  1. Hello Linda,

    I appreciate what you’ve written in this post! Positive affirmations as so important, but so is having a support system that is in alignment with your vision! This is a wonderful point that you’ve made.

    It’s great that you’re sharing your thoughts with others here. You’re truly making a difference in the world. Keep doing what you’re doing!

    To your magnificence!
    Andrea Woolf
    Founder, Ignite Your Life Book
    Co-Founder, Wake Up Abundant

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