“There’s Always A Silver Lining, Part 2”

“There’s Always A Silver Lining, Part 2”

by Linda-Ann Stewart

I wrote an article this month, “There’s Always A Silver Lining,” in which I explored four possibilities that the challenges in your life are trying to teach you. Shortly after writing it, I came up with a fifth one.

Expanding Too Fast
This is especially true of business, and of the recent housing crisis. Businesses can expand faster than they can handle, and eventually run out of road. A recession comes along, or some other bump, and they have to retreat. What they’re doing is taking a few steps back, eliminate what’s not working well, and solidifying their position. When they begin to move forward again, they’re healthier and stronger.

The same can be said of people who got into mortgages they couldn’t support. Some people will be able to get the banks to work out a loan modification that they can afford. And for others, the best thing may simply be to let go of the house and move into something that is more reasonable and less stressful. It’s hard to make that choice, and let go of a home you love. But if it’s draining your financial, physical, mental and emotional resources, then it’s not for your greatest good.

Expansion and reduction is a natural cycle. When you have to prune your bushes, more grows next season. The same can be said for letting go of expanding too quickly. Pruning what is too heavy or too costly can make your life picture healthier. And when it’s time to expand again, you’ll be ready and be able to come from a position of strength.

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