“There’s Always A Silver Lining”

“There’s Always A Silver Lining”

by Linda-Ann Stewart

Every negative experience that you have has a gift for you. It might not feel like it when you get laid off, your significant other dumps you, or you lose your house. But since you create your own reality, you created the situation for a reason. Its purpose is to help you to expand into a greater potential of who you are.

Seek out what the gift might be. There is always a lesson to learn from every challenge you have, otherwise it wouldn’t be a challenge. Here are some possibilities that the experience might be trying to teach you.

Develop A Quality
You may need to learn another positive quality, such as patience, persistence, compassion, empathy, or some other character attribute. In these cases, you’re being called on to develop and exercise that quality.

If you don’t fight against developing it (as some people do), then you could receive a great gift that propels you forward in accessing your highest potential.

Accept Yourself More Fully
You could be hitting a wall that is actually your shadow side, a part of yourself that you negate, abandon and ignore. This could be anything from avoiding owning your authority in your life, suppressed anger, empowerment, or something else. These aspects show up in other people that reflect your shadow back to you. You may have problems with authority, people around you have anger issues, or someone who takes advantage of you.

Once you acknowledge and accept these parts of yourself, the energy in your environment (the wall) generally dissipates. And you’re no longer wasting energy resisting these characteristics, which gives you greater ability to create what you want.

Wake Up
The reason for the situation may simply be to wake you up. It’s like a cosmic brick, that metaphorically hits you over the head, and gets bigger (and the situation gets worse) the more you ignore it. This is true if you’re in an abusive relationship or situation, or have a sudden health challenge.

In an abusive relationship, you may need to recognize your worth and leave. If you have a pattern of this, you need to figure out what’s going on that causes you to keep attracting it. Once you know what it is, you can heal it so you can have more satisfying relationships. No matter whether it’s a relationship, health, or something else, it’s trying to get your attention so you will make positive changes in your life and lifestyle.

Check Your Focus
Are you focusing on what you don’t want, rather than what you do want? You could be thinking more about what you’re lacking, therefore that’s what shows up in your life. It’s the Law of Attraction in action. What you focus on, with energy and emotion, will appear in your life.

No matter what the challenge, its purpose is to propel you into a greater good. When you look for the positive in it, this helps you progress and achieve a new level of life. It also sets the subconscious to develop, create or find the benefit in the situation. Even if it feels like the end of the world, look for the gift. You may be surprised at what you find.


I let go of my resistance to this experience, and open myself up to seek the gift it has for me. Since I create my own reality, I’ve created this situation to teach me something. I cooperate with it, allow myself to become aware of what it might be, and make the changes I need to. I may not know how or what, but something wonderful is coming out of this situation for me.

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A nationally known speaker, life coach, hypnotherapist, and writer, Linda-Ann Stewart helps people rediscover their power and sense of self-worth. Visit Secrets To The Law Of Attraction to download your copy of this free ebook.

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