Dec 102009

Question: What is the difference between meditation and hypnosis?

Answer: Hypnosis works in the same way meditation does because you are in the same mental state with both of them. It’s just that with traditional hypnosis, you have a goal in mind. But many guided meditations also have a goal, of understanding oneself better, or inner exploration. And when a person uses affirmations in meditation, it’s the same as using suggestions in hypnosis. An hypnotherapist doesn’t control a subject’s mind anymore than someone leading a guided meditation does.

With hypnosis, a person is opening up to greater possibilities, and empowering oneself to achieve greater potentials than before. They’re accessing a deeper level of soul than when they are being analytical. Creativity and intuition can be tapped into, just as when a person meditates.

There really isn’t much difference between meditation and hypnosis, except that with meditation, a person listens to the still small voice a tiny bit more than with hypnosis. The aim is slightly different. The awareness is similar.

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