“Attract Good Through Mindful Communication”

“Attract Good Through Mindful Communication”

by Linda-Ann Stewart

As you learn how to consciously use the Law of Attraction, one of the areas to attend to is the way you communicate with yourself and others. You don’t just attract through your beliefs and what you think. You also attract through what you say and how you say it. For instance, notice if you tend to criticize yourself or others unmercifully. Criticism repels good and diminishes positive feelings. Therefore, as you keep your words uplifting, those upbeat feelings attract positive energy.

There are two extremes of communication styles to avoid. Both are used by people concerned with being true to themselves and being spiritually responsible, but their approaches are actually rooted in fear.

One extreme comes from people who think they can say whatever they want without a care, figuring they aren’t responsible for how the other person takes it. And the other areĀ  those who are so concerned about hurting someone’s feelings that they don’t say anything. The first is aggressive, the second is passive.

You attract what you feel in your deepest self. And the way you express yourself communicates how you feel and what you fear. The thoughtless communicator will attract feelings of being out of control and helpless, because that’s what they’re trying to prevent. For the timid communicator, their intention of avoiding confrontation will manifest by attracting people who walk all over them.

The people using both of these extremes need to take responsibility for the words and the intentions behind their statements or non-statements. There are times when what needs to be said may be painful for the other person to hear. But as long as they express themselves with the intention of not being deliberately hurtful, they aren’t responsible for how the other person takes it.

When you’re talking with yourself or another person, be aware of these questions:

  • Are you coming from your heart?
  • Are you being gentle?
  • What is your intention in the way you state your mind?
  • Are your words in line with Universal principles and clear of subversive agendas?
  • Are you being honest and forthright, when it’s called for?
  • Are you fearful or trying to avoid something when you express yourself?
  • Are you being careful not to deliberately trample on someone’s feelings?

In Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, “The Four Agreements,” he tells readers, “To be impeccable with your word.” This means to keep your spiritual principles in mind even when you’re upset, hurt or angry. Say what you mean, and don’t say what you don’t mean. Words can hurt, and once said, can never be unsaid. Make sure you don’t say something in anger that you will regret later. Remain conscious of the way you state your case at all times.

Since you attract through your energy, feelings, beliefs and intentions, you need to be mindful of your words so that you are able to attract the good that you want. By being vigilant about the way you communicate, so that you’re not deliberately harmful, the energy behind your message will return to you in kind. It’s not easy, but the effort of awareness is well worth the reward.


I know that I’m always attracting what I experience and I now choose to be more aware about the words I speak. When I express myself to others, I remain conscious of what I’m saying and how I’m saying it. I speak from my heart, being honest, and in such a way that I’m careful of the other person’s feelings. I am also sensitive in how I speak to myself, making sure I treat myself with respect. As this pattern begins to become more familiar, I find it easier to communicate with a clear intention.

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