Buying Pasta In Divine Time

Buying Pasta In Divine Time

This past weekend, Jeff and I planned to go to the Prescott Farmer’s Market in Yavapai College parking lot to buy some specialty pasta that we could only get there. We planned to arrive an hour before they closed, but traffic was thick, and we were delayed. I began to worry that they’d begin to close down before we got there, and started using my Mom’s affirmation, “We’re always in Divine Time.” I wrote an article about it, “Tips To Achieve Your Goal In Divine Time,” last month.

We got there with forty-five minutes to spare. You’d think that would be plenty of time, except that they were closing up early because of a graduation on the grounds. I ran up and down the aisles of booths that were in various stages of being dismantled. Some were already gone.

Luckily, I found the specialty pasta location by seeing the sign for it leaning against a box. The tent was in the process of being folded up, and the merchandise was already packed. I asked, “Can we still buy some?” “Sure,” the vendor said, and opened up her boxes.

We bought what we wanted, and wandered to another tent that was still set up. A few minutes later, we walked by the pasta location, and she was finishing up loading everything into her car. If we’d gotten there five minutes later, I wouldn’t have been able to find her and we would have been too late. Once again, Mom’s affirmation hit the mark.

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