May 072009

EmpowermentEmpowerment: You Can Do, Be, And Have All Things
by John Randolph Price

John Randolph Price is the author of my favorite prosperity book, “The Abundance Book,” which I recommend highly to anyone wanting more of that substance in their lives. In “Empowerment,” he goes into deeper exploration of cultivating a consciousness of abundance. Rather than just having abundance in your life, he delves into creating an awareness that you are abundance.

This is a powerful book, exploring mystical elements and spiritual laws. One chapter includes a booklet he’d written years ago, “The Manifestation Process.” If you follow the steps in this chapter, you will begin to manifest what you want. You will also discover at what point you’ve been blocking your desire.

At a time of economic difficulty in our world, this book is a guidebook on how to keep your thoughts uplifted and focused on your goal, so you don’t sink into the mire of bad news. This book isn’t just about abundance and manifestation, but about how to realize your greater spiritual identity.

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  1. Hey, fantastic idea! Its always fantastic to see someone spend time writing a quality

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