Renaissance Faire – 2009

Renaissance Faire – 2009

Jeff and I made our annual pilgrimage to the Renaissance Festival in Apache Junction, Arizona. I think this is our fourteenth year to do so. It’s a flight from the everyday to a fantasy land of humor, fun and frolicking. Here are some of the photos Jeff took with his new digital camera. He was in hog heaven with it.

Don Juan and Miguel

This is a comedy duo, Don Juan and Miguel, who entertain with sword  fighting and whips. We make sure we always see one of their shows. Miguel is holding pasta in his mouth in this bit. Notice the pieces of flying pasta that Don Juan has cut with his whip.

Adam Crack

This gentleman is Adam Crack, who holds the Guinness World Record for the most whip cracks in one minute. Here he’s preforming with flaming whips.


And no Renaissance Faire would be complete without jousting.

Linda-Ann Stewart

This is a picture of me in my old dress, the one my mother made for me in 1996.

Jeff Colburn

And here is my own Renaissance man, Jeff.¬† HUZZAH! You can find more photos of the Faire on his blog, The Creative’s Corner.

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