Mar 272009

Linda-Ann in her new costumeI’ve been working on projects, some professional, some personal. One of the personal projects has been to sew a new costume for the Renaissance Festival that Jeff and I attend annually. My mother, a dress designer and seamstress extraordinaire (among her many talents), designed and made my original dress in 1996. It’s beginning to show its age.

I’d bought a pattern several years ago, and this year decided to take my courage in both hands and embark on this adventure, the first big sewing project I’ve attempted without my mother’s expert guidance. And I have to say, I succeeded. I know she would be proud of me and the result. Now I have two costumes to wear, one for each day that we attend the Faire.

P.S. The colorful fabric belts I’m wearing are inkle belts that I made years ago. The white thing hanging from my right hip is a purse/bag that Jeff and I designed on the fly. I like the design, but it’s too big.

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