Reviewing Michael Moore’s Film, “Sicko”

Reviewing Michael Moore’s Film, “Sicko”

Jeff (my significant other) and I went to see Michael Moore’s film “Sicko.” Instead of focusing on the 20% of the population who has no health insurance, he investigated those who do. It seems that they have less coverage than they think. The health care system in our country is flawed at best, and disastrous at its worst.

I know of people who had health insurance, but their illnesses sent them over their policy limits. They lost their jobs, homes, and became homeless due to their medical costs. We have the highest infant mortality rate in all the industralized (and some of the third world) countries and our population has a shorter life span.

In Northern Arizona, many insurance companies and HMO’s have eliminated their coverage. This happened to a couple I know in a medium sized community in California. They had to move to a metropolitan area to get medical services. If this trend continues, a person won’t be able to live in a rural area and have health insurance.

For years, we’ve been told that universal coverage would mean delayed and poor quality care, with health care workers receiving low wages. I’ve talked to people who’ve lived in other countries and discovered that what we’ve been told is propaganda. Michael Moore’s movie highlights the differences between our health care system and the ones in the other developed countries, and our system fails miserably in comparison.

At a time when major corporations and school districts are slashing health care benefits for employees, their families and retirees, when our emergency rooms are clogged with U.S. citizens who can’t afford preventative care and don’t seek help until their condition has advanced to a state where it can’t be ignored, we need to open a dialogue about the condition of our health care system. This movie brings that discussion to the forefront. Whether you agree or disagree with Michael Moore, and his politics, this movie is one to see.

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