Aug 022007

Oak Creek after stormOn July 25th, our arid desert received torrential rains of about one to two inches in an hour. That evening, Jeff and I walked down to Oak Creek at Red Rock Crossing near Sedona to see how high the water had gotten. The creek was brown with runoff mud and was still higher than normal. From the flattened weeds and debris that had been washed to the waterline, we could tell that it had been near floodstage. But as it does in this area, the waterlevel quickly raises with a lot of runoff, but just as quickly drops.
Angel Wishes Filming
While we were there, we bumped into someone who was with a film crew. They were filming an independent TV-movie right beside the Creek. It’s called “Angel Wishes” and he said it would be shown on cable’s “Lifetime” channel in December. Its website is Angel Wishes Healing Ministeries. It’s amazing what you bump into here in the red rocks.

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