The Decisions That Keep You on Course

The Decisions That Keep You on Course

Every day, you make decisions that either keep you on course to your goals, or take you off it. They either support your endeavors or undermine them, and they shape your destiny. Most people have no idea that every single day, they have so much control over the course of their lives. Linda-Ann shares a tip to help you make the right decision in each situation so you reach the success you deserve.


Thank you for joining me. I’m Linda-Ann Stewart. Have you begun to drift a bit off course? You have a goal in mind, but are no longer aiming straight towards it? Maybe you wanted to reduce weight, and went on a diet. But after a while, you had one piece of candy. Then you had a doughnut, then a piece of cake.

You went to a your favorite restaurant, and just couldn’t resist having your favorite meal, which blasted your diet out of the water. And these choices started coming quicker and quicker, until you just gave up. Has that ever happened to you? Maybe on a diet, or with some other goal? Where your decisions started to skew you off course?

Unfortunately, that’s a way that you miss your target. Hundreds of small, minor decisions that you make every day add up and take you off course. Some of these decisions may not even be made consciously. You go to the break room to get coffee, talk to a coworker, and don’t even realize that your hand has snagged a piece of candy from the bowl that’s always there.

The small decisions you make each day keep you on course, or take you off course, to any goal you might have, personal or professional. For instance, one day, I needed to focus on writing an article and I also had to call someone to answer some questions. I knew that if I made the call first, it was going to distract my attention from my article for hours. I just know that about myself. I’d be more concerned with the other person and what they needed and I’d have a hard time pulling my attention back to my article.

So I decided to focus on my article first, and to schedule making that call later in the day. That was a small decision that allowed me to stay on course for the tasks and my goals for the day. What small decisions are you making each day that are making a difference in your goals? That’s what I’d like to cover today, and give you a tip that can keep you on course.

I’m a vision strategist. I work with women service professionals and small business entrepreneurs who are frustrated because they’re spinning their wheels and lost in a forest of details of their business. Using my 30 years of experience as a hypnotherapist, I coach them to develop and focus on the strategies that keep them on course so they bring their vision into reality.

In both my hypnotherapy and coaching businesses, I help people make decisions that will keep them on track to their goals and vision. The same principles hold true whether you want to reduce weight, or build your business. The tiny decisions you make every hour of every day shape your destiny. They can develop into habits that undermine you or support your endeavor.

For instance, do you have too many balls in the air or are involved in too much? That could mean that you don’t prioritize what’s important to you. Or are you multitasking, which actually undermines productivity? If you’re too busy or multitasking, you’re making choices to just deal with what’s immediately in front of you. You’re not taking into account your goals or the ultimate course you want to follow, your intention.

To stay on course, you want to create a habit to ask yourself if your actions are keeping you on course or taking you off it. It will take some conscious effort, because you may have to break old habits that you’ve created. And, as we all know, breaking habits can be challenging, right?

When I decided whether to write the article before I made my call, I asked myself which would be the best thing to do first. I would normally do the call first so I could check that off my list and have time free to concentrate on my article. But I knew this call might need more of my time and attention and actually distract me. So I had to fight against my normal impulse, my habit, and work on the article before I made the call.

Your mindset tip, to stay on course, is a question to ask yourself, such as: “What decision can I make here that will be more likely to keep me on course?” You can do this at the beginning of the day, or at any decision point during the day. Remember, it’s the small decisions that cause you to successful or not.

There will be times when you have to be too involved in other things, or have to multi-task, or give yourself permission to have that bite of cake. But when those decisions become conscious choices and you’ve made sure they won’t take you off course, those decisions serve you, rather then you just acting out of habit. You’ll be taking charge of the course of your life, one decision at a time.

If you’d like some help in getting on course and achieving your goals, apply for a Complimentary Coaching Consultation.

Thank you for watching. I would love to hear how you’re keeping yourself on course. Take care.

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~ Linda-Ann Stewart

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