Sep 012017

New Age Hypnosis
by Bruce Goldberg

Although this book doesn’t go into great depth explaining hypnosis, it does give some great information and principles about the process that most books on this subject don’t cover. It’s a very clear examination of hypnosis and this state of mind.

Dispelling misconceptions, it explains how it’s a natural process. It also addresses topics that other mainstream books on hypnosis don’t even mention, such as karma, the Superconscious mind, self-sabotage, masters and guides, akashic records, angels and much more.

This book is a goldmine of scripts for making your own recordings. You can simply read from the book and make a recording to explore a past life, future life, contact your Superconscious mind and more. If you are interested in tapping into the power of your mind, this book is a must for your library.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

  2 Responses to “Book Review-New Age Hypnosis”

  1. Can hypnosis be used a determine a person’s pain?

    • Hi Bhuvi,

      If you’re asking if hypnosis can be used to manage pain, the answer is an emphatic, “Yes!” There are specific techniques a hypnotherapist can use to help a person reduce and manage their pain. I’ve used it with clients, and in my own life, with great success. All you have to do is a web search for “Hypnosis Pain Management” to find all sorts of resources for it. If you’re experiencing pain and want to use hypnosis to help, you can probably buy an MP3 to start with. If the pain decreases even a little with hypnosis, it can be reduced to practically zero. But if it’s chronic and persistent, I’d suggest you find a hypnotherapist that’s had specialized training in this area. Good luck!

      All the Best,
      Linda-Ann Stewart

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