Trending Articles of the Week

Trending Articles of the Week

Grand Canyon-Lipan PointDoctors Say Your Word Choice Can Hugely Change Your Brain
When you use positive words, it exercises the part of your brain that governs the ability to tell right from wrong. Negative words heighten the stress response, and can fill you with suspicion. This article goes on to explain how words affect other areas of your life, and shares a simple exercise on how to rewire your brain for more happiness.

Research Suggests Sunshine Helps Your Mind Stay Sharp
According to a new study by Duke University, getting sun can help you maintain a healthy brain. The vitamin D in the sunlight help protect neurons from being damaged. This study shows just how important sunshine is for the brain.

Habits = Happy: Instant Pick Me Ups
This breezy article shares 5 ways to break out of your blahs. They’ll help you overcome depression and have a happier life. And who knows, they may become habits for you.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

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