Trending Articles of the Week

Trending Articles of the Week

GC-RimTr-sm-09184 Signs Of Seemingly Nice People With Hidden Motives
Sometimes we mistake what a person is like, based on how they appear. We don’t see through them to who they truly are until it’s too late. There are usually red flags that signal us that all isn’t as it seems. This article describes some of these valuable signs.

Visual: The Effects of Mindfulness
This is a series of infographics showing the positive effects of meditation and mindfulness. The effects impact the mind, body and emotions. It also describes the difference between meditation and mindfulness.

5-Step Formula For Interrupting Anxiety and Negativity
This article describes evidence based strategies to reduce stress and anxiety. Each of these techniques interrupts the neural circuits involved in negative feelings, emotions, and thoughts.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

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