Jun 032016

Sunset at Hopi Point at Grand CanyonHere’s why writing things out by hand makes you smarter
Research shows laptops are terrible for note-taking in classrooms. Handwriting is better because it slows the learner down, accelerates learning and engages the student in the material. Learn more reasons why writing is better for learning and memory.

Neuroscience says these five rituals will help your brain stay in peak condition
We have an increased life expectancy and have an investment in making sure our minds stay sharp. Advanced technologies have enabled researchers to understand how the brain works, what it responds to, and even how to retrain it. Cognitive scientists say these simple rituals can help your brain grow new cells, form new neural pathways, improve cognition, and keep your outlook positive and sharp.

Here Are 10 Powerful New Insights From The Science Of Happiness
Research in the field of happiness is acquiring ever more nuance and sophistication as new studies build on and even re-interpret findings from previous years. Researchers are fine-tuning their understanding of the actual causes, consequences, and current state of humans’ social and emotional well-being. Read about the practical implications and potential applications of this research.

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