May 262016

Enlightenment for Beginners: Discovering the Dance of the Divine
by Chuck Hillig

This book was originally titled “What Are You Doing In My Universe.” A client mentioned how much he liked this book, and how it was a great primer for anyone seeking enlightenment. I remembered that I’d gotten it years ago, and brought it out to re-read. It takes less than thirty minutes to complete this book, but it’s time well-spent.

The author explains the reason for the game we play with ourselves, why we’ve chosen to forget our true nature. To keep ourselves entertained, we’ve accepted the illusion of separation between the Universe and the individual.

Rather than just philosophically explaining our delusion, this book makes great use of pictures and dots to humorously make the point. By illustrating the basic concept of Oneness, the author makes it clearer than a book of a thousand pages could possibly do.

For all ages, from eight on up, it would be a cute gift for someone learning about spirituality. And it’s a great reminder for everyone of our true nature.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

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