Book Review – “The Joy of Meditation”

Book Review – “The Joy of Meditation”

Joy of Meditation
by Jack and Cornelia Addington

This is a wonderful little primer on meditation. In simple, easy to understand language, it covers all aspects of meditation, and clarifies some misunderstandings. This book also covers some of the benefits of meditation, including developing your intuition, healing, and becoming more in tune with the Infinite.

Many books on meditation scare off the beginner by asserting that there’s only one way to practice or stating that you have to keep your mind quiet. There are many different methods to practice meditation, and this book gives directions on how to do many of them. The authors also explain that keeping the mind one-pointed is the goal of a type of meditation, but that it takes much training to achieve.

Whether you’re a beginner to meditation, or someone who needs to rejuvenate your practice with something new, this book will give you guidance and inspiration.

~ Linda Ann Stewart

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