Are You Living In Want, Or Wanting More?

Are You Living In Want, Or Wanting More?

Sunset at Hopi Point at Grand CanyonWe all want more good in our lives. However, the word “want” has contradictory definitions. One definition means “lack,” while another means, “desire.” It’s two sides of the same coin. When we state that “I want more (whatever),” we’re actually telling the subconscious that we don’t have enough. By wanting more, we’re actually operating from a sense of lack.

Since we attract what we focus on, the subconscious will make sure we have more to want. Whether it’s more money, abundance, harmony, health, or ease, by our very wanting more, we’re actually focusing on the absence of it.

As we sink deeper into wanting more, we can sometimes have a feeling of longing for the goal, desperation, or trying to force the issue. Any attempt to use our will to control the outcome will simply bring more scarcity. Our emotion is what manifests, and feelings of lack, limitation, or scarcity, even when we think we’re focusing on abundance, creates the mold for less of it in the subconscious. That’s when we’re living in a state of want or lack.

However, a synonym of the concept “want” is “desire.” I’ve heard it said that “Desire brings pain.” That’s true if our peace and happiness depends on the fulfillment of our desire. If the only way we’ll allow ourselves to be content is if we’re driving a Rolls Royce, the CEO of a company, or perfectly healthy, then we’re restricting the joys of watching a sunset, finding satisfaction in the work we do, or gratitude for however much health we do have. Grasping at a desire, and expecting it to be the magic that will make us happy actually ensures that we’ll be frustrated.

One of my spiritual teachers claimed that a “desire” was an inspiration from the Universe that indicated that whatever we “desired” was available to us. When we have a desire, then we have the ability to fulfill it. The desire brings awareness to an area we want more good in and identifies what it is that needs to expand. As long as we stay in the enlightened state of realizing that all the good is already ours, we can allow the Universe, through our subconscious mind, to manifest what it is that we want.

I’ve also heard, “Just focus on God and all else will be added,” meaning that more good will manifest for us as we shift our attention to a Higher reality. By meditating on God and all Its blessings, the Universe shows up in our lives as more prosperity, health, harmony, etc. Contemplating the Infinite doesn’t just attract more good into our lives. The Universe is the very good that we experience.

However, when we have a challenge or discomfort, focusing on the aspect of God that we want helps us to raise our acceptance of it. I sometimes use the affirmation, “I’m experiencing more of God in my life in the form of (harmony, abundance, health, joy, ease, etc.)” Or “I’m choosing to create more ….” to address the specific form of the Universe that I want to draw to me. As we use affirmations, a light touch is necessary, as well as focusing on the current abundance in that area. This allows the Universe to expand in what’s already present.

The Universe is all good. Since I am an individualized expression of the Infinite, all the good I desire is already mine. I am grateful for the good that already exists in my life. I desire for there to be more abundance of good in the area of (your goal). I’m choosing to now create more of it. I experience more of the Universe in my life in the form of (your goal). I am now drawing to me all that I need for a more fulfilled life.

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