Feb 032016

Peoria_SEVEN_talk-1-smI recently gave short talk to my S.E.V.E.N. networking group about “Break Your Trance, Take Charge, and Focus on Your Vision.” At the beginning of the presentation, I mention how so many people have misconceptions about hypnosis. The eyeglasses were to demonstrate what many people think of the process.

What most people don’t realize is that they hypnotize themselves every day. Hypnosis is simply focusing the attention on one thought. You can take charge of this process and focus on what it is you want and where you want to go. When you do, your actions will follow your attention, and you’ll get better results.

I gave the attendees some action steps to get them started: writing down what you want your steps, becoming aware of your autosuggestions, and visualizing yourself succeeding. The presentation inspired a lively discussion afterwards. I had a great time, and based on the audience’s reaction, so did they. HynpnoGlasses-SEVEN-1-22-16-sm

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

If you want help on creating or achieving your vision, reaching your goals, or getting focused, ask Linda-Ann about her complimentary coaching consultation. Email her at LAS@Linda-AnnStewart.com with “Coaching Consultation” in the subject line.

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