Trending Articles of the Week

Trending Articles of the Week

Sunset Crater plant The Roots of Mindfulness
How a group of Jews turned a Buddhist spiritual practice into a distinctly American phenomenon—and a multi-billion-dollar industry. A fascinating article that examines how the mindfulness wave started and grew in this country.

10 Times You Should Definitely Say ‘No’ And Do Your Own Thing
Many of us tend to put ourselves and our needs behind what other people want. It can be incredibly hard to say “no” when faced with a request. But we need to put ourselves and our well being first. Here are some tips on when to say this important word.

How To Make Work More Meaningful
More than money, promotions, job security or even flexibility, we want to know that what we do has purpose in the world. Researchers have found that leaders can help make people’s work more meaningful in various ways. But studies are finding there’s one way that matters even more than receiving acknowledgement and encouragement from leaders. Learn what that factor is.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

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