Trending Articles of the Week.

Trending Articles of the Week.

Flagstaff Aspen RainbowA Winning Personality: Why Ambiverts Make Great Entrepreneurs
You’ve heard of extroverts and introverts. Although it’s rare for there to be a pure one of either, most are ambiverts. This article explores how the best leaders are ambiverts, or in the middle of the spectrum between extrovert and introvert, and what sets them apart.

What science says about beliefs — and why we cling to them
According to the scientists that this article quotes, our beliefs evolve from a “feeling of rightness” that stem from our psychology, biology and environment. Even when presented with facts that dispute our beliefs, most people cling to them. This article mainly covers religion, political and cultural beliefs.

Why happiness is healthy
Although genetics and environment play a role in our sense of well being, happiness can be cultivated. There’s a strong relationship between happiness, optimisim and life satisfaction and good health. This article explores that connection and gives some suggestions on how to reach that happy state.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

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