Book Review-“The Progress Principle”

Book Review-“The Progress Principle”

The Progress Principle: Using Small Wins to Ignite Joy, Engagement, and Creativity at Work
by Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer

Are you connected to your work and do you enjoy going to work each day? The answer to these questions and the purpose for asking them is described in the book “The Progress Principle” by Amabile and Kramer.

They describe the emotional and psychological benefits relating to work performance in terms of an “inner work life.” According to the authors,, “Inner work life is the constant stream of emotions, perceptions and motivations that people experience as they react to and make sense of events in their work day.”

Amabile and Kramer researched the daily activities and inner work lives of employees at several companies and found that when employees have positive behaviors and attitudes, they reflect attitudes consistent with the leadership in the company.

Research shows that people who are more engaged in their work are more likely to be creative and productive and feel happier about their work. This occurs when the employees feel valued, think highly of their co-workers, respect their managers and the organization as a whole.

People who are complimented and encouraged in their work, respond in a positive manner. The positive attitudes impact how employees serve customers and interact with their coworkers. This benefits the entire organization and the bottom line.

Reviewed by Bonnie Mattick, MA Ed., MBA

Bonnie Mattick, MAEd., MBA, speaker, consultant and facilitator improves the bottom line by eliminating costly turnover and increasing employee retention. Using pre-hiring strategies, she helps companies create a collaborative environment with enthusiastic employees who keep customers for life. She helps corporate organizations and associations engage their staff and improve their bottom line. Email her at and visit her website, Unforgettable Outcomes.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

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