Should I write a list of desires?

Should I write a list of desires?

Question: Would it be helpful to write a list of my desires, if so, and how would I use it?

Answer: It’s very helpful to have a list of your main goals, like your top five or ten. I keep an index card of my current goals on display on my desk. I learned about doing this from Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich,” where he describes writing your goals, and reading them at least twice a day. I had a friend who built her business this way.

To increase your faith and confidence, I’d suggest that you write a positive statement on the top or bottom that affirms that the Universe is manifesting them. Something like, “The Universe takes these desires and manifests them, or something better, in the Divine Right way.”

Make sure you  read them at least twice a day, in the morning and evening. Or you could carry the paper with you, and read it several times during the day. The more you read them, believing in their manifestation, the quicker they’ll manifest.

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