Positive Thinking Myths

Positive Thinking Myths

There are so many myths about positive thinking and optimism. Pessimists attack it, saying it’s unrealistic, shallow, and even destructive. But they’re talking about an extreme that isn’t recommended. If you think positively, you still have to be aware of pitfalls. You just don’t fixate on them, as pessimists do.

A recent article, The 7 Biggest Myths About Positive Thinking, challenges seven of the most prevalent myths about positive thinking. He addresses myths such as “Positive thinking encourages unrealistic expectations,” ” Positive thinking is a bunch of sugary, have-a-nice-day nostrums,” and ” It’s absurd to believe that thoughts shape reality.”

He busts each one, even quoting from the very authors who encouraged optimism in the first place. Recent advances in cognitive psychology, clinical studies and even brain imaging are all supporting the fact that the way you think creates your experience.

The problem with people who deride positive thinking is that they refuse to let the facts affect their opinions. I guess they choose not to take responsibility for their thoughts and their lives. One author even said that positive thinking was too hard, and then went on to advise other exercises to change your thoughts. So even with his system, you had to work to feel better.

If you’re an optimist who gets attacked for your positive attitude, read the article. It’ll give you ammunition to respond to those who don’t understand because they’ve never explored it.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

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