Why do negative thoughts arise when using affirmations?

Why do negative thoughts arise when using affirmations?

Question: How come when I use affirmations, negative thoughts take over my mind?

Answer: One reason the negative ideas may be surfacing is that your positive statements are flushing them out of their hidey-hole. As you put more positive in, the negative rises to the surface to be acknowledged before it can be released. But if they’re sticking around, something else is probably going on.

Sometimes the old, negative thought patterns resist our changing them, and the more we affirm positive, the more they clamor. Generally, it’s because they feel like they need to be there for to protect you. You accepted them at a time when they were necessary (or so you thought), but they aren’t helpful any more.

Sometimes, I’ll use an affirmation such as “I have outgrown old, outdated negative thought patterns that were implanted when I was much younger. My subconscious now recognizes that I no longer need or want them in that form, and releases them.”

Whatever you use, you need to understand that they’ll be there until you realize that they aren’t necessary any more. Sometimes it can feel safe to stay in the old (uncomfortable) rut, because its familiar. Or feelings of anger, hurt, fear or guilt can hang onto them.

In that case, you need to address those feelings. Just don’t resist the negative words, that gives them more power. Acknowledge that you recognize that they’ve been there, but you don’t need them any more. You might be surprised what surfaces when you do this.

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