Make A Commitment To Your Dream

Make A Commitment To Your Dream

When you begin moving in a direction, and accept opportunities that are offered, you may discover all sorts of new possibilities. A few months ago, I started re-thinking my business model. The old one didn’t serve me as well as I’d hoped. So I set my subconscious mind to find new ways for me to move forward in ways that suited my desired lifestyle.

Within a short time, I was presented with the opportunity to register for Kendall Summerhawk’s weekend workshop LeapLive13. As a member of her International Association of Women in Business Coaching, I was able to register early enough to be eligible for three extra teleclasses that gave specific direction to grow my business.

Within three weeks of my committing to attend the workshop, another major strategy for my business fell into my life. It was one I’d heard before, but I wasn’t open to it then and had forgotten about it. But because of my more open and seeking mindset, this idea got planted in my mind. And it was one that completely resonated with me.

Kelly Chicas of Albuquerque Family Counseling
Kaye Halligan – Assisting to Manifest the Divine You

Then, in April, I attended the 3-day LeapLive13! workshop. It was amazing! Some of the information Kendall shared I already knew. But the way she put it together, the package she created with it, impacted me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. It’s changed the way I plan to do my business.

Nafissa Shireen of Unleash Your Success – Executive Health and Success

We had exercises to work through, generally with partners. I had some fantastic coaches to help me with insights and new directions. Kelly Chicas from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Kaye Halligan from Australia, Nafissa Shireen from Canada, Zahra Efan from Canada, and Niki Klein from Canada. I can’t thank them enough for their assistance!

Zahra Efan – Life and Business Success Coach for Women

The moral of this story? Make a commitment to yourself and your dream, ask for guidance, and follow the signs along the way. You may not know quite where you’re going, but your inner self will guide you to what is for your greatest good.

~ Linda-Ann Stewart

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