Networking At AZ-MPI Fall Into Focus

Networking At AZ-MPI Fall Into Focus

Recently, I attended a 3 day Educational AZ-MPI (Arizona-Meeting Planners International) event in Flagstaff. I’m not a meeting or event planner, but as a speaker, I wanted to learn more about their world.

Each meal was hosted at a different place, and they were all very tasty. There were several presentations throughout the weekend, all but one given by speakers I knew.

It was a great weekend and I met a lot of wonderful people, including Cara and Paul Tracy. A couple of the attendees were speakers that I knew from my NSA-Arizona chapter, Debby Raposa and Bonnie Mattick. I enjoyed hanging with presenters June Cline, Naomi Rhode, Les Taylor, Ed Scannell, Neil Dempster and then meeting the one speaker, Holly Duckworth, I didn’t know.

It was such a pleasure to attend the Forum and network with all the fantastic people. By the end of the weekend, though, I was exhausted and ready to fall over. But it was well worth it and I’d do it again.

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