Reclaim Your Authenticity, Part 2

Reclaim Your Authenticity, Part 2

by Linda-Ann Stewart

Here are some things you can do to begin to reclaim your authenticity.

1. Stop rejecting yourself.

If someone misinterprets what they see in you, or something you do, there’s generally nothing you can do to erase that misconception. It comes from their filter, the way they perceive the world around them. Even if you make a mistake, accept yourself and realize it’s part of your exploring the possibilities. If necessary, you can make amends.

2. Ask yourself some questions in a new way.

  • “What’s so bad about me?” This isn’t about what people in your childhood thought about you, but as if you were assessing a good friend. Would your characteristics be acceptable in a friend?
  • “What’s so unacceptable about me that I have to keep my inner self hidden away?” What do your supportive, encouraging, positive friends and loved ones say about this? The Universe accepts you as you are now.
  • “What’s the worst that could happen?” You could lose a friend who’s not good for you. Or you could get rejected, which you can now handle as an adult. It won’t destroy you as it would have when you were a child.

3. Reconnect with who you really are.

This doesn’t mean that you attack, explode or demean others. Those reactions are parts of your mask. They’re what you used to protect yourself when you felt inadequate, insecure, anxious or defensive. Allow yourself to be visible and exhibit your talents, abilities, feistiness, insights, silliness, problem solving skills, and opinions.

4. Learn to trust yourself.

With all your experience, wisdom, and knowledge, it’s unlikely you’re going to overstep your bounds. Are you editing yourself too much? Trust the Universe and your subconscious to lead you to the right things to say and do. Practice being more spontaneous in your life.

When you start living authentically, your self-respect increases. As a result, your self-esteem and self-worth rises. Tension and anxiety decrease, because you don’t have to edit every word and judge every action. If there’s any adverse reaction, you have confidence that you can deal with it. When you live from your true self, you have the power and insight to handle anything that comes your way. Since you’re focusing on what’s right about you, the Law of Attraction can draw more good to you.

Asking for what I want doesn’t create overwhelming anxiety in me anymore. My teacher handled the situation like the autocrat she was. I now know that what I asked for was reasonable. Now I’m able to be more assertive and visible. I reclaimed a piece of my authentic self, and you can, too.


I give myself permission to be authentic. I realize that my inner self and self-expression is just fine. When I relax and be myself, I feel safer and more secure. With my accumulated knowledge and wisdom, I can handle anything that comes up in my life. I trust that the Universe and my subconscious mind guide me to the appropriate things to say and do. I now accept myself with all my flaws and good qualities.

Copyright 2012 Linda Ann Stewart
All Rights Reserved

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