Why do I prosper for awhile, then relapse?

Why do I prosper for awhile, then relapse?

Question: Why do I prosper for awhile, then relapse?

Answer: There could be many things getting in the way of your consistent prospering. If you’ve been using affirmations and getting results, see if you’ve eased up on their use.

It could be that you have some old idea about having to struggle or have challenges. Some idea you picked up in childhood could be responsible. Meditating on what old thought patterns are blocking you would be advisable.

I’ve done a lot of internal work myself on this issue. When I stay centered, and don’t get into fear, my prosperity flows. Also, remember to view the Universe as your Source of supply, not the channels it comes through. Considering the channels (such as your job) as the Source is a great way of blocking your prosperity.

I find that affirmations are a wonderful way of breaking through blocks. And affirmations are simply suggestions you give yourself while in a waking or meditative (hypnotic) state. Find some affirmations for prosperity that resonate with you, and repeat them aloud for fifteen minutes each and every day, even after you begin to see results.

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