“Expand Beyond Your Comfort Zone, Part 2”

“Expand Beyond Your Comfort Zone, Part 2”

by Linda-Ann Stewart

What is it that causes people to remain in their comfort zone? Many people have a fear of the unknown. When faced with a new situation, they don’t know if they can handle it, doubting their abilities. Just like I felt about my move.

A person may have a fear of responsibility. I know of people that have done menial jobs all of their lives, and turned down managerial duties because they didn’t want the additional authority. They’re very comfortable doing the duties they know, and don’t want to learn anything new. A nine to five job satisfies them, and they don’t want to have to expand their horizons.

For some, moving out of their comfort zone means that they’re afraid that they’ll lose control. A woman I knew had been very ill for several years.  Her family catered to her, and she didn’t have to deal with running a household. When she recovered, she continued to be treated like she was made of glass and would break at any time. She did nothing to contradict this. Her illness gave her control over her family, and she wasn’t going to give up that control.

Though her family assumed she wasn’t well enough to take care of the housework or the cooking, she was healthy enough to volunteer as an aide in a charity hospital. She was comfortable believing that she was an invalid, because she avoided responsibilities she didn’t want. If she had given up her invalid role, she would’ve lost the ability to control her family.

Even remaining at the same income level can be a way of staying in your comfort zone. Or not being able to exceed a certain amount in your savings account. Accepting only so much good in any one area is a way of keeping yourself in a situation that you’re familiar with. By doing so, you don’t have to handle the anxiety of any uncertainties. You’re on well-known terrain, and know all the hills and valleys.

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