“What are miracles?”

“What are miracles?”

Question: If we are 100% responsible, then are miracles, as some Spiritual paths suggest, only a natural out picturing of Universal law when we really let go?

Answer: Miracles are the natural flow of the Universe. As someone once said (paraphrased) “If you aren’t experiencing them, you’re using your busy mind to create difficulties.”

God isn’t a white knight on a horse waiting to swoop down and save you from yourself. I sometimes wish it were so. When a person prays or affirms help or healing, they’re actually changing their own mind. Not God’s. God is always directing, guiding, inspiring, helping us. God is health, and healing is the process of allowing God as health in.

When a person prays or affirms, they’re acknowledging the truth of the situation. As soon as they convince themselves of it, then it manifests. It’s simple, but not easy.

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