Abundant Reasons To Release Clutter In Storage

Abundant Reasons To Release Clutter In Storage

by Linda-Ann Stewart

Recently, Jeff and I worked to consolidate my two storage units into one. The unit I was cleaning out was created when I sold my mother’s house, the other one was inherited from my mother. I brought several boxes home, went through some of them, and have a small hill of items to be donated to Goodwill.

Organizers say eliminating clutter and outdated things helps to lighten the mental load and clear the mind. According to them, you take less time to look through the clutter for things you want. I did find several items that I’ve spent hours looking for in the house. I didn’t realize they were in boxes in storage.

A feng shui practitioner once told me that going through piles of stuff released stuck energy. She said this stagnant energy could create difficulty in life, obstruct advancement in your career, and block money flow. Releasing that energy creates more of a flow in your life.

In spiritual circles, it’s said that if you want more good in your life, go through your attic, basement and closets and eliminate what you don’t use anymore. By releasing possessions you no longer need or want, you create a vacuum to draw more of what you want to you.

Whatever the reason, I’m glad to have been able to eliminate one storage unit. I still have a lot to go through in the unit I still have. But one great advantage of doing this is that it will definitely be nice to have a smaller payment each month.

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