Dec 142010

Question: How can one know that an affirmation has taken root and what outward signs show that the seed is growing?

Answer: It’s hard to know when the seed has begun to sprout. When you forget about the concern, and have a solid faith that it’s being taken care of, you know that it’s begun to germinate.

Sometimes, you’ll get some mis-messages or dead ends as the affirmation is beginning to manifest. It’s as if your creative mind is trying out different situations as it works to manifest what you want.

Other times, it’ll manifest all at once with no warning. The main thing is not to dig up the seed to see if it’s sprouted. When you do this, you’re not letting it germinate, any more than if you dig up a seed to see if it’s sprouted when you’re gardening.

You have to have as much faith that your word is taking root as you have that a seed knows how to germinate and sprout in your garden. As long as you release the concern, knowing that God and your creative mind are working on the means, it
will come to you in Divine Time.

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