Re-energized By The Grand Canyon

Re-energized By The Grand Canyon

Jeff and I visited the Grand Canyon on my 28th anniversary of moving to Sedona, AZ. I always try to do a little something to celebrate this day. This year’s activity went above and beyond anything I’ve done before.

The Grand Canyon is about three hours travel from our home, so it’s not just around the corner. I haven’t visited it very many times since I’ve lived here, and this year, we’ve been there twice.

Grand Canyon and river from Pima Pt.

We rode the shuttle out to the western point of Grand Canyon Village, Hermit’s Rest. We began walking the eight miles to the village along the rim. Since it was a brisk day, there were very few other hikers. There was still some snow on portions of the trail, generally in the shade, and on the very edge of the cliff. I traversed those very slowly and carefully.

We stopped every so often to take photos and enjoy how the change of lighting could change the entire vista. The views were magnificent, and the peace overwhelming. As usual, I felt a sense of awe looking out over the Canyon.

Grand Canyon and river from Monument Vista

Unfortunately, we got a late start and only made it about halfway to the Village before dusk. We hopped on one of the last shuttles back, and discussed how we were just going to have to return to hike the other 4 miles. Well, if we must, we must.

Jeff and Linda-Ann at Grand Canyon seconds before hopping on the shuttle back to the Village

Every so often, it’s good to get in touch with nature. It’s healing, inspiring, grounding and helps to open up channels of creativity and problem solving. So, even when I have a backlog of work, I find it helpful to take the time out to reconnect with our natural world. I always come back re-energized.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, go outside and enjoy a sunset or take a walk in the park. You’ll discover how you can unwind and have more resources to deal with your life.

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