Cliff Castle Casino Health Fair 2010

Cliff Castle Casino Health Fair 2010

This is my fifth year having a table at the annual Cliff Castle Casino Health Fair in Camp Verde, AZ to promote my hypnotherapy and life coaching business. I really enjoy this fair, talking with the people, meeting and networking with the other vendors.

Linda-Ann At Cliff Castle Casino's Health Fair

As a service, I provided handouts on how to deal with stress and also a recommended reading list. Whenever anyone would approach my table, I asked, “Got stress?” Almost everyone started laughing, thinking of the stress they’re under.

I’d then invite them to enter my free raffle with my “Stress Management Through Self-Hypnosis” CD as the prize. Most were more than willing to do so.

Probably the only downside to this “Health Fair” is the cigarette smoke that pervades the building. Since the casino is on the Yavapai-Apache Nation’s Reservation, they can allow smoking. Because of that, at the end of the day my eyes burned, my throat felt raw, and my clothes reeked.

Even with the disadvantage of the smoke, I won’t hesitate to attend this Fair again next year.

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