Jun 162010

Six years ago, I joined the Arizona Chapter of the National Speaker’s Association as a Candidate Member. Over the years, I’ve attended their meetings, gained a lot of information and met some great people. Because of some personal issues, I wasn’t ready to make the leap into professional status.

Last month, I was finally ready (or close enough). I submitted my application and documentation to meet their criteria, and was accepted. I am now a newly minted, honest-to-goodness, authentic professional speaker. This week, on Tuesday, I was also the featured professional speaker on the Arizona Chapter’s website.

This happens at a time when my Tobacco-Cessation classes are ending due to state budget cuts. When one door closes, another one opens. Sometimes you have to search for the open door (or, at times, open window), but there is one. Although I’m sad about my classes ending, I’m looking forward to the possibilities that lie ahead.

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