Book Review – “How To Attract Money: The Law of Attraction”

Book Review – “How To Attract Money: The Law of Attraction”

How To Attract MoneyHow To Attract Money: The Law Of Attraction
by Joseph Murphy

I have many books by Joseph Murphy, as he’s one of my favorite spiritual and abundance authors. I recommend any of his books if you want more prosperity in your life.

This one is smaller and different that most of his books. generally, he has lots of stories that demonstrate spiritual principles along with an affirmation. This book still has some interesting stories, but it focuses mainly on changing the reader’s consciousness about money, riches and wealth. He addresses many of the blocks that people have, and explains why and how they need to change.

I’ve read many of the concepts that are in this book in his other works. But you’d have to read all of them to find the ideas that are present in this one treasure. The ideas to manifest greater riches are condensed and distilled here.

At the end, there are pointers to remember that are spread through the many stories of his other books. In this one, they’re set apart so that you can refer to them easily. For that alone, I love this book.

And of course, there are some affirmations. I have them marked with tabs, so that I can quickly turn to them. I’ve used a couple of them with some great results. For a great grounding in how to use the Law of Attraction, get this book.

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