“Why do the results fade after I do affirmations?”

“Why do the results fade after I do affirmations?”

Question: Although I’ve been getting results from affirmations, I don’t feel or act any differently, and the results fade away. What’s going on?

Answer: If you’ve been getting results, then something is going right. However, if you’re not feeling or acting any differently, maybe that’s where you should start focusing. Affirmations are powered by emotions and feelings. Affirmations help to reprogram the subconscious to accept the change.

However, if you’re not feeling any differently about the situation, then you are going to return to your original condition. The subconscious acts on the dominant thought. If you are, on average, fairly pessimistic or critical, then the subconscious is going to act on that, rather than the positive statement you’re using.

How can you begin to raise your overall state of consciousness? What can you do to act or feel differently that would be in alignment with your goal? You have to participate and ground the affirmation in your actions and willingness to change.

Also, once you begin to get results, you can’t stop your efforts and coast. It would be like rowing a boat. Once you stop rowing, the boat drifts in that direction for awhile, then is stationary.

I know it can be frustrating and discouraging sometimes. You may want to use an affirmation that asks for direction and the next step to be revealed. A question one teacher of prosperity suggests we ask, when things aren’t changing, is, “What or where do I need to change to manifest my goal?” And be open to any answer that comes.

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